The crime of human trafficking, told through the eyes of victims.

These are survivor-informed lived experiences, composite narratives of real-life situations and events. Can you identify what makes Elena’s experience human trafficking?


Wished for someone to love her.

An account of sex trafficking and organized crime.

I know you saw me at the gas station. You didn’t like how I looked, what I was doing. What you didn’t see is what I was like before. Before I met him.

We met on Kik, and started chatting. A lot of victims first meet their traffickers online and are lured in with the hope of a romantic relationship. He was the first guy who paid any attention to me. He told me how pretty I was. How much he loved me. How nobody understood our relationship.

I told him all about my mom’s drinking, and the guys she brought home, and how I just wanted to go to California and swim in the ocean. He said we could do that, Elena’s trafficker is laying the groundwork to trap Elena. He makes fraudulent promises about their future together, and begins to coerce her.if we saved money.

He moved me into an apartment with a lot of other girls around my age. He took us to parties and told us to be nice to the guys there. He asked me to have sex with his friends This is coercion and fraud. Elena’s trafficker is selling her for sex and keeping the money. He is able to control her with false promises of going to California. at the parties so we could have money to go to California. I did it because I loved him. The other girls were doing it, too. It seemed normal.

Now he says I’m used up, and I don’t make him any money Elena’s trafficker has affected her mental health. She is believing his lies. She needs help getting out of situation and getting help for herself. because nobody wants me.

I still love him Elena doesn’t understand that she is a victim of human trafficking and like many other victims, doesn’t have the language to report it. and don’t know what to do.