Colorado Human Trafficking Hotline

To Report or Get Help: Call 866-455-5075

Colorado’s Human Trafficking Hotline is a 24/7 hotline and resource directory managed by the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking, a Colorado-based nonprofit organization. Colorado’s Human Trafficking Hotline is a survivor-informed resource created to connect individuals experiencing exploitation, individuals reporting potential human trafficking tips, and service providers in search of referral resources with available support services in a safe and anonymous manner.

You can also text the Colorado Human Trafficking Hotline between noon and midnight mountain time 720-999-9724.

The National Human Trafficking Hotline

The National Human Trafficking Hotline is operated by Polaris, a non-profit organization that is a leader in the fight to eradicate modern slavery and help survivors restore their freedom. This additional hotline also connects victims and survivors as well as receives tips about potential situations of trafficking and facilitates reporting that information to the appropriate authorities in certain cases. Call 888-373-7888 or Text BE FREE (233-733)

Training Opportunities


Front-Line Professionals and Community Members
An Introduction to Human Trafficking in Colorado was developed to meet the training needs of a range of professional sectors and help people better understand, identify, and respond to human trafficking. Available as an instructor-led program in 1-hour, 2-hour and 2 ½-hour training sessions. Also available as an interactive, self-paced online training module perfect for learning more on your own time.

Law Enforcement

Human Trafficking Investigations: An Introductory Course is a 2-hour interactive program primarily designed for patrol officers to learn how to identify and respond to human trafficking. This program is also appropriate for any law enforcement personnel looking for an introductory course on human trafficking. Learn what to watch out for, even during an unexpected traffic stop.

Service Providers

Meeting Human Trafficking Survivor’s Needs: An Advance Course for Service Providers is a half-day interactive workshop specifically designed for victim advocates, mental/behavioral health professionals, case managers, and other service providers in related fields. It is designed to help implement a survivor-driven approach to service delivery.

Learn how you can request a training here.

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Laws & Legislation


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Human Trafficking Industries: The Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking’s Colorado Project 2.0 documented specific sectors where human trafficking occurs in Colorado and Polaris provides an expanded list of industries where human trafficking as been identified in The Typology of Modern Slavery.